Integrated Applications Engineer

You will be part of the ESA’s Integrated Applications programme team.

Integrated Applications Engineer


  • Identification and characterisation of new services and applications, exploiting current and next generation of space systems (e.g. Satcom, Earth Observation and Satellite Navigation) and their integration in non-space domains;
  • Assessment of the technical and operational requirements applicable to space based applications and their integration with terrestrial solutions to support the identified services in an end-to-end context;
  • Implement activities with industry, operators, application providers and user communities addressed to develop, validate and promote the utilisation of space based assets;
  • Development and implementation of methodologies and tools for the assessment of end-to-end performance of multimedia applications;
  • Analysis and assessment of the business and regulatory aspects associated with the launch and commercial operations of satellite based applications and services.

Skills and experience

  • Master’s degree or equivalent qualification in engineering;
  • Significant experience in satellite and possibly in terrestrial systems requirements analysis, design, implementation and operations, and associated management experience;
  • Sound knowledge of the overall space applications market, experience in specifying, developing, evaluating and promoting applications making use of satellites;
  • familiarity with downstream space services and applications and with relevant space technologies (i.e. satellite communications, navigation and earth observation);
  • Excellent SAP or other enterprise resource planning practical competences;
  • Excellent analytical and presentation skills;
  • Fluency in English is mandatory.

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