Typical jobs

At HE Space we have an exceptionally broad customer base with varied job opportunities covering the whole spectrum of space-related activities.

About 90% of our vacancies are in the engineering domain, but we also offer frequent opportunities in scientific disciplines, project control, PR/communications and general administration.

Spacecraft Operations Engineer

Our customer is a European organisation providing satellite operations and ground station tracking network services. You will be working onsite as part of the Mission Control Team. Read more

PA/QA Engineer

Our customer is a large institutional organisation. You will be working onsite as part of the Quality Assurance and Management Section. Read more

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AOCS Engineer

You will primarily contribute to AOCS sensor and actuator development in the frame of R/D contracts and laboratory work, as well as to support sensor and actuator procurement in ESA satellite programmes. Read more.

Administrative Assistant

As an Administrative Assistant your role is to support a senior manager or even a whole team. Your daily tasks will be many and varied and can change when a sudden request comes in. Read more.