Typical jobs

At HE Space we have an exceptionally broad customer base with varied job opportunities covering the whole spectrum of space-related activities.

About 90% of our vacancies are in the engineering domain, but we also offer frequent opportunities in scientific disciplines, project control, PR/communications and general administration.

Typical jobs

Spacecraft Operations Engineer

Our customer is a European organisation providing satellite operations and ground station tracking network services. You will be working onsite as part of the Mission Control Team. Read more


AOCS Engineer

You will primarily contribute to AOCS sensor and actuator development in the frame of R/D contracts and laboratory work, as well as to support sensor and actuator procurement in ESA satellite programmes. Read more.

 © ESA–Anneke Le Floc'h © ESA–Anneke Le Floc'h

PA/QA Engineer

Our customer is a large institutional organisation. You will be working onsite as part of the Quality Assurance and Management Section. Read more

Typical jobs

Administrative Assistant

As an Administrative Assistant your role is to support a senior manager or even a whole team. Your daily tasks will be many and varied and can change when a sudden request comes in. Read more.

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