Application & interview tips

Our vacancies are popular! It is important that you present your own skills and expertise the best you can. These tips help you to present yourself as a strong and serious candidate.

Application & interview tips

A job interview is your opportunity to shine!

Get your dream job like Nigel, Programme Coordinator for University Student Experiments at ESA.


  • Keep it simple and current: your CV should not be longer than 2 to 3 pages. Update your CV before submitting. Make sure that your email address and telephone number are up to date and start with your most recent work experience. 
  • Put yourself in our shoes: show us that your skills and expertise match the ones requested.
  • Make it easy to read: highlight the experience and skills that make you a strong candidate for the job and check for spelling and grammar.

Before the interview

  • Prepare yourself: research the company and the job.
  • Know yourself: make up your mind what you want to tell us about yourself.
  • Inform yourself: prepare relevant questions to ask at interview.

During the interview

  • Focus on your positive attributes and cover the gaps: make sure that you are familiar with your CV and able to answer detailed questions.
  • Be difficult to refuse: show us your excellent communication and interpersonal skills, your flexibility and self-motivation.
  • Ask questions: be proactive. Demonstrate your genuine interest.

After the interview

  • Follow-up: whether it is a thank you note or questions you may still have.
  • Lessons learned: create a list of items where you performed well or those where you would like to improve.

Look for your dream job!