What sets us apart

Our employees and even our candidates regularly comment on the service we offer, saying that they are treated like one of the family, helped and supported through their application, interview and even their relocation. This is what we do because we are passionate about people and passionate about space.

Unique in the business, HE Space is 

  • A constant contributor to the space community.
  • Starting up associations such as the IAASS and co-founded Women In Aerospace Europe (WIA-E).
  • Actively involved in other organisations such as DGLR, NVR.
  • The gateway to the largest and most varied pool of career opportunities in the sector.
  • Offering first class HR Support with a strong focus on opportunities to grow and develop.
  • Your outreach partner - Initiatives like Yurisnight, SpaceUp, Kids summer holiday programme, Start-up weekend, innovation programme.
  • Socially responsible - in 2009 we initiated the HE Space Children's Foundation 
  • Offering a customised mix of services to fit our customers’ needs no matter their size or how well established they are.

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