Corporate Social Responsibility

Space for us at HE Space is not just a destination, it is our destiny. We believe it is for all mankind. And, it already begins on Earth, with education providing the universal tool to overcome all the meaningless artificial barriers like gender, race, cultural and social heritage.

Corporate Social Responsibility

HE Space Children's Foundation

That is why we at HE Space are especially proud to see that it will be children in Guatemala, sponsored by the HE Space Children's Foundation getting access to education as well as students getting access to real space data from a Eumetcast receiving station

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

Making the world a greener place

In 2022 HE Space celebrates its 40-year company anniversary with a special project, Trees 4 HE Space. This agroforestry project helps our planet stay green and supports local farmers in South America and Africa. 

Trees 4 HE Space supports:

  • Global CO2 absorption
  • Tree planting
  • Protection of biodiversity
  • Combat soil erosion and desertification
  • Local farmers as the funding for the tree goes directly to them
  • Training for the farmers
  • Extra income opportunities and empowerment for the farmers

As our company continues to grow, so too will our forest. You can find our forest here

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