Management Team

The HE Space Management Team combines a great variety of complementary competences:

  • Space engineering
  • Economics and Finance
  • Specialist recruitment and Human Resources
  • International Labour law

Albert Dijkstra - Co-CEO

Albert Dijkstra is a member of the Executive Board that governs HE Space.

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Greg Sims - Co-CEO

Greg Sims is a member of the Executive Board that governs HE Space.

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Keith Muirhead - Managing Director BV

Keith is responsible for the operation of HE Space’s Dutch branch including the international ESA/ESTEC Frame Contract. The Dutch branch has staff deployed in the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, Germany, France and Italy.

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Bob Rouse - Managing Director GmbH

Bob is responsible for the operation of the HE Space's German Branch working closely together with EUMETSAT, ESOC and our space industry customers.

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Leanna Roscoe - Group HR Manager

Leanna Roscoe is the Group HR Manager for the BV and GmbH, responsible for managing the HR Team to support all our employees throughout Europe.

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Lars Colstrup - Group Finance Manager

Lars'primary role is to ensure that our company remains financially robust. He provides senior management with regular and up-to-date financial information and advice.

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Leandros Foteinias - Group Recruitment Manager

Leandros Foteinias is leading the recruiting team and has more than 7 years of experience in international recruitment.

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