Our space roots

Space is more than a destination for HE Space, it´s destiny.

Our experience is deeply rooted in our first hand experience, from putting a man on the moon to participating in some of Europe’s biggest space projects.

Unforgettable, 1969: “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”. Almost everyone on Earth knows the famous words spoken by Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon.

Only insiders, however, know that he shared his triumph with Scott Millican, the trainer who helped prepare the Apollo 11 crew to make John F. Kennedy´s visionary dream come true.

We make astronauts

In 1969, HE Space founder Scott Millican developed the Procedures Handbook that would help take Apollo Missions from 11 to 17 to the moon and safely back to Earth.

In 1983 it was the training from HE Space - the company created by Scott Millican and Mike Hernandez - that took Ulf Merbold, the first German astronaut, on his adventure with the NASA space shuttle into orbit and back.


Our space roots
Our space roots

More recently it was the former HE Space engineer Andreas Mogensen, the first Danish astronaut who flew to the International Space Station as part of the IRISS mission.

Through all the major periods of human space flight HE Space has evolved to become one of the foremost space experts´ company in the world. It is headquartered in Noordwijk, Netherlands with offices and representations in Germany, the UK, France and the USA, and, as one may expect, our special mission guides the company from success to success.

In January 2023 a new chapter starts as Scott Millican retired and sold his company to CS GROUP.

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