Recruitment Team

Your first point of contact will be our international recruitment team. They are located in Bremen and Noordwijk and come from a variety of backgrounds and work experience. They share their passion for people!

Leandros Foteinias - Group Recruitment Manager

Leandros Foteinias is leading the recruiting team and has more than 7 years of experience in international recruitment.

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Chiara Grossardi - Recruitment Team Coordinator

Chiara is taking care of coordination of the Recruitment Team in Bremen.

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Agnieszka Iwanczuk - Senior Recruiter

Agnieszka (Aga) enjoys working with and for people and is highly capable of understanding their needs.

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Yannik Dubois - Recruiter

I believe that people should never stop learning and always challenge themselves, therefore, I choose to join HE Space. It is a completely new industry for me, coming from the FMCG business.

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Sabrina Kracke - Recruiter

Connecting and building relationships with motivated candidates to learn about their skills, match them to job opportunities and develop pathways to help them achieve their career goals is very rewarding to me and motivates me to learn more about the Space Industry in order to serve my clients and candidates as a subject matter expert!

Having lived and worked abroad, I find it extremely satisfying to work and connect with people from different cultures.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies / International Management from KEDGE Business School Marseille and Hochschule Bremen.

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Viktoria Panicharova - Recruiter

I believe people are a company’s most valuable asset and my philosophy towards recruitment is ‘quality delivered in an efficient and timely manner’.

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