Recruitment Team

Your first point of contact will be our international recruitment team. They are located in Bremen and Noordwijk and come from a variety of backgrounds and work experience. They share their passion for people!

Leandros Foteinias - Group Recruitment Manager

Leandros is leading the Recruiting Team and has more than 7 years of experience in international recruitment.

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Viktoria Panicharova - Recruiter

I believe people are a company’s most valuable asset and my philosophy towards recruitment is ‘quality delivered in an efficient and timely manner’.

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Vicente Gracia Galán - Recruiter

I’ve been involved with the recruitment teams of various multinational companies. This has taught me the tremendous importance that the right talent has in the success of any organization. This has been the engine that’s kept me pushing towards achieving excellence. 

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Kalina Traykova - Recruiter

I'm curious about the unknown and this is what space is for me. It's my passion. 

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Annie Kontou - Recruiter

They say “a company is only as good as its people” so I find it very inspiring to source and recruit the best talent for well-established organisations in the space industry. Working in space is very fulfilling as in this industry you feel that your work is contributing to something greater.

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Medina Djakova - Recruiter

Working in recruitment and talent acquisition has been an incredibly rewarding experience. My passion lies in connecting with talented individuals and providing them with opportunities that can enhance their careers and positively impact their lives.

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Andrés Izquierdo Gallego - Recruiter

After three years of recruiting for IT, I widened my expertise to recruitment for Space. I strive to always stay up to date with the latest developments in Space, a world where you never stop learning, and where you always find new ways to grow.

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