Jason Maroothynaden

Director HE Space Operations Ltd.
Jason Maroothynaden

Jason started his career as a Bio-instrumentation Engineer at ESA/ESTEC. He left space and became an internationally experienced venture builder. In 2017, he came back to Europe and the space sector and started working at ESA/ECSAT as a Business Broker in the ESA Space Solutions Programme. As broker, he spent a lot of time with start-ups and facilitated access to finance, particularly working in partnership with Venture Capital and Business Angel funds.

Since May 2020, Jason has been supporting HE Space in Business Development, focusing on our customers in Harwell, Oxfordshire.

With 20 years in the aerospace business and venture, his expertise covers investment, finance relations, venture growth, downstream applications, micro-gravity sciences and payload development.

Jason studied Materials Science and Engineering at Imperial College London and Finance from Oxford University.

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