About HE Space

HE Space is a leading contracting company specialised in providing managed services and human resources to the space sector.

We employ space experts in the fields of engineering, science, operations, software development and administration. Our employees contribute towards every major European space programme.

HE Space collaborates with institutional space organizations, major space companies, and New Space start-ups.
Notable players like ESA, ArianeGroup, Airbus Defence and Space, EUMETSAT, DLR and many more have drawn on our expertise for nearly 40 years.

We care about the employees, improve their professional and personal development as well as their work-life balance.

HE Space is an active member of the worldwide space family and is growing constantly.

We stand out in the business with a fast response to requests and a database full of space qualified candidates. Our company provides high quality staff who can quickly contribute to projects.

Latest news: In January 2023 HE Space was acquired by CS GROUP. 

About HE Space

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