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Please find here some questions and answers related to your request for support.

Who can I contact?

If you would like us to help you with a vacancy or if you just have a general enquiry, please use our contact form or contact one of our Business Development Managers. 

We offer a Contracting Service where the selected candidate would provide support at your company premises (or other location) but is employed by HE Space. 

With our Recruitment Service we find you the right candidate and perform all necessary contract negotiations. The candidate is then employed by you. 

Our Consultants can also be hired for short term projects where their services would be billed hourly.

With our unique network in the space industry, we are well placed to reach the people you might be struggling to find.

Yes! Every candidate we put forward to you has been interviewed, assessed technically and his/her fit for the job thoroughly evaluated. You only get the candidates which match your requirements.

We recruit engineers of every discipline, scientists, educators, project controllers and administrative support staff. In fact, everyone who is able to work effectively in the challenging space industry.


This varies depending on whether you wish to recruit people directly or on a contracting basis. Please contact one of our  Business Development Managers.

Absolutely! This is a key service we provide. We have years of experience relocating people and their families from one country to another. We help with accommodation, bank accounts, car importation, tax queries and all aspects of the move so that the transition is seamless.

We recruit worldwide so nationality is less important than skills and experience for us. However each country has its own visa regulations which can limit the ease and speed of access for some foreign nationals.

Our roots lie in the Apollo programme and we have been providing highly-qualified staff to ESA for more than 30 years. Our industrial customers are both large and small but all well-known in the space world. 

Our Business Developers have all worked as engineers in the space industry and have profound technical expertise.

Our recruitment team and Human Resources teams have long experience in the international space business and are skilled professionals. 

The clearer the job description you give us, the faster and more accurate we can be! So, we will spend some time with you getting more information about the competencies you are looking for, the level of experience, the type of work and the team in which the person will work. We will also need to know what conditions we can offer applicants.

Recruiting for the space industry is the heart and soul of our business. We are experienced, professional and reliable, we enjoy finding the right people for our customers.

We are very much a people-focussed company so the support of our employees is top of our agenda. 

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