Contracting & recruitment service

In a challenging economic climate businesses need to be flexible and be able to quickly respond to changes in demand for resources while limiting the risk to that business. HE Space can help. We offer services targeted to your needs.

Contracting service

Our contracting service for space projects includes the following: 

  • Employment of specialized space experts working autonomously and independently for our customers
  • Management of employee relocation and all other activities and costs associated with the employment of the candidate expert. 
  • Special care for personal and professional development. 
  • Regular evaluation of the employee performance to ensure best quality of service. 

This is by far the most popular offering with our customers.

Recruitment service

Our recruitment service includes the following:

  • Liaison with your hiring team to understand the role and your organization.
  • Preparation of the job specification.
  • Candidate sourcing using a variety of media and HE Space’s proprietary candidate database.
  • CV Review and candidate down selection with first interview performed by our recruitment team and a technical expert.    
  • Candidate short list and presentation of detailed candidate profiles.

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