HE Space - offers the staffing solution

The current economic climate requires businesses to be flexible and to quickly respond to changes in demand while limiting the risk to a business. HE Space can help.

HE Space is a leading engineering and recruitment partner dedicated to the space sector. We provide staff covering technical, project management and support services across the entire space mission lifecycle.

HE Space - offers the staffing solution

Services targeted to your needs  

  • Contracting service: we employ your selected candidate and manage the full range of HR services. Our staff are based at your location. This is by far the most popular offering with our customers.
  • Recruitment service: sourcing and down selection of candidates.The selected candidate works directly for you.


  • Preferred suppliers to ESA across 23 business areas.
  • Rated excellent by Airbus Defence & Space  on Quality of Candidates.
  • ISO9001 certified and have won multiple diversity awards.


  • More than three decades of experience working with space agencies, industry and other space organisations qualify us to support a broad customer base, no matter the size of your company.
  • Strong candidate relationships and network (job seekers from all areas of space and globally located, database, networking and coaching  events, activities and memberships).
  • In-house expertise and profound knowledge of the industry and its staffing needs.

We offer you the solution

HE Space has offices in The Netherlands, Germany, France, UK and the US. We locate ourselves next to our major customers to ensure that we are able to provide you with a high quality service and a speedy response.

If you are a space company we can support you with the finest experts for any special project or problem. We offer you the solution.


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