Space Staffing Solutions

Your business needs to be flexible and capable to quickly respond to changes in demand. HE Space can help limiting your risk.

We are: 

  • an international contracting services company focused on the space sector 
  • collaborating with institutional space organisations, major space companies, and New Space start-ups  
  • well-known for providing customised services to the European space market since 1982 and growing constantly
  • dedicated to supporting your business by matching your needs with available space talents 
  • caring about our employees, improving their professional and personal development as well as their work-life balance 
  • a team that shares first-hand experience of space

You will benefit 

  • Your company value increases with the quality of your employees. 
  • You maximise your potential business growth and save time and money.  
  • Your business becomes more flexible. 

because we...

  • free you up to focus on your core business 
  • minimise your hiring risks  
  • offer customised solutions 

stand out in the business… 

  • with a fast response to your request 
  • by deploying a database full of space qualified candidates  
  • by providing high quality staff who can quickly contribute to your projects HE Space - your partner in excellence

Services targeted to your needs  

  • Contracting services: we employ your selected candidate and manage the full range of HR services. Our staff is based at your site.
  • Recruitment services: sourcing and down selection of candidates. 

Please contact our Business Development Team to discuss your needs.

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