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System and Concurrent Design Facility Engineer

  • Reference NL-HP-5034
  • Location Noordwijk, The Netherlands
  • Closing date 20 March 2023

HE Space is a successful international space company. For 40 years, we have been supporting our customers with qualified experts in the field of engineering, science and administration.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

As part of the Systems and Concurrent Engineering Section, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Support to Projects and Programmes:
    • Providing systems engineering support and consultancy to ESA projects, programmes and studies, throughout all the project phases;
    • Supporting project reviews and evaluation of proposals;
    • Developing and promoting digitalisation of systems engineering, model-based systems engineering (MBSE) and infusing them into projects;
  • Concurrent Engineering Activities in CDF:
    • Participating in feasibility studies conducted in the CDF, in the role of Systems Engineer and/or Team Leader;
    • Developing and improving tools and methods for systems and concurrent engineering;
    • Proposing, developing and encouraging new applications of the concurrent engineering approach, fostering multidisciplinary activities with an emphasis on innovative concepts, cutting-edge technologies and systems architectures;
  • R&D and Technology Development;
    • Contributing to the formulation and implementation of the ESA technology strategy, supporting the definition of work plans for R&D;
    • Ensuring the promotion, coordination, follow-up and selection of technology activities;
    • Defining, initiating and managing R&D activities within the ESA's technology programmes, covering both long- and short-term needs;
    • Monitoring scientific and technological trends for systems and concurrent engineering and maintaining the corresponding state-of-the-art expertise;
  • Standardization:
    • Contributing to the improvement of standardisation in systems and concurrent engineering, via ESA internal processes, lessons learned and liaising to ECSS;
  • Knowledge management:
    • Contributing to promote systems and concurrent engineering across the Agency and to its partners;
    • Contributing to the capture and dissemination of knowledge and lessons learned across the Agency.

Skills & Experience

You will have the following qualifications and relevant experience:

  • Master degree or equivalent qualification in engineering or physics;
  • Solid background in spacecraft systems and space mission architecture design;
  • Experience in systems engineering, mission analysis and design, design methodologies and system modelling;
  • Experience in Concurrent engineering processes and related IT tools/infrastructure and application to mission feasibility studies;
  • Experience with Space project life-cycle, including mission/system conceptual design and trade-offs, requirements management, reviews, verification engineering;
  • Knowledge of Model Based System Engineering methodologies and tools;
  • Experience in (multi-disciplinary) system modelling, using data modelling languages (e.g., Unified Modelling Language/System Modelling Language - SysML) and associated modelling applications (e.g., Cameo System Modeler, Capella, Enterprise Architect, Genesis …) or comparable modelling languages as well as supporting tools;
  • Knowledge of object-oriented programming (in e.g., Java), data science and data reporting tools (e.g., Jupyter notebooks), systems engineering and missions analysis or other systems-related disciplines engineering tools (e.g., MATLAB, STK, MathCad, Catia, etc.);
  • Knowledge of the procurement process for technology developments (statements of work, proposal evaluation, management of industrial activities, including interfaces with industry, negotiations, reviews, etc);
  • Knowledge of Space Engineering Standards;
  • Ability to work independently and to establish good working relations with ESA is essential;
  • Fluency in English is mandatory; knowledge of another European language is an advantage.

This job is located in Noordwijk.

If you think you have what it takes for this job, please send your CV (in English and in Word or PDF) to Viktoria Panicharova, by clicking on the button “Apply for this job” quoting job NL-HP-5034.

An exciting and dynamic international working environment awaits you!

System and Concurrent Design Facility Engineer


HE Space recruiting for ESA

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Viktoria Panicharova
Viktoria Panicharova
  • Recruiter
  • +31 71 341 7501

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