New Operations Director at HE Space Operations GmbH

Pierre Le Nahedic has been appointed as Operations Director of HE Space Operations GmbH. This is another step in bringing HE Space Operations GmbH and CS GROUP GmbH together in one organisation in Germany.

New Operations Director at HE Space Operations GmbH

Pierre has a background in Aeronautics and Software Engineering. He studied Embedded Systems, Electronics and Computer Science at ECE Engineering School in Paris. Pierre joined CS GROUP in 2012 and moved to CS GROUP Germany in 2016 . He is experienced in Project Management and Business Development with major players in the space industry in Germany such as EUMETSAT, ESOC and AIRBUS.

In his new role as Operations Director, Pierre makes sure that HE Space continues to provide quality services to the existing clients and expands the business. Pierre will take over from Bob Rouse, the former Managing Director. Bob has reached retirement age and will step down as Managing Director. However, Bob will keep supporting the company in business development activities.

Pierre's biggest challenge is to ensure the successful integration of HE Space Operations GmbH into CS GROUP operations. “I think being passionate about people is especially important for managers to establish successful work relationships. Even though during busy times contact with the employees can be limited, it is important for a manager to recognise the added value each employee brings to the company because of their own unique career path and experience.”

Building a successful future together

HE Space, under the roof of CS Group Germany/Europe and Sopra Steria is part of a sound future strategy. For all employees working for HE Space in Europe the path leads in one direction: forward.

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