9th German Diversity Day 2021 – HE Space radio interview

Diversity is not an empty phrase for HE Space, as our colleagues Kirsten Gibbs and Brisilda Tatani explain in this radio interview with Serafia Johansson from Radio Bremen.

On 18 May 2021, the ninth Diversity Day was held in Germany.

HE Space is a good example of an employer who cares about diversity, so our colleagues Kirsten Gibbs and Brisilda Tatani have been interviewed by Serafia Johansson from Radio Bremen.

Kirsten Gibbs Kirsten Gibbs
Brisilda Tatani Brisilda Tatani

Kirsten and Brisilda report about the benefits of working in an international and multicultural environment as well as about the opportunity to balance your work and family life.

"It's just fun to meet so many different people, learn about their cultures, get to know different ways of working."
(Kirsten Gibbs, HE Space Operations)

The interview also shows that HE Space takes cares of its employees - new employees receive extensive support. There is help with dealing with the authorities, insurances, taxes, and finding a home. It is part of our everyday (working) life.

You can listen to the interview (in German) or read through the article following this link:


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