Bob Rouse

Business Developer HE Space Operations GmbH
Bob Rouse

Bob is a Business Developer at HE Space Operations GmbH.

He is working closely together with EUMETSAT, ESOC and our space industry customers. His expertise covers all areas from business development activities, project management and business management of services and solutions for space mission control and data processing.

In January 2019 Bob was appointed as Managing Director of HE Space Operations GmbH. As pre-defined, his role changed due to reaching retirement age and thankfully Bob will remain with us in working on business development activities supporting the business going forward.

He joined HE Space as Business Development Manager in May 2009 and has been instrumental in growing the business in southern Germany as well as supporting the group wide business development and strategy. He brings extensive experience with nearly 40 years in the space business including 4 years as Managing Director of HE Space GmbH, and 15 years as Managing Director of other space companies in Germany.

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