Passive Microwave Specialist

  • Reference DE-HP-4500
  • Location Darmstadt, Germany
  • Closing date 07 May 2021
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HE Space is a successful international space company. For over 30 years, we have been supporting our customers with qualified experts in the field of engineering, science and administration. We are currently looking for a Passive Microwave Specialist to support our customer in Germany.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

As part of the Remote Sensing and Products (RSP) Division, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • In-house prototyping (IHP) of product generation functions for the for Level 1B and Level 2 for “day 1” (ready at launch) and “day 2” products (later products developments);
  • Further evolution of all operational and scientific microwave and sub-mm wave IHP processors at EUMETSAT;
  • Contribution to the adaptation, implementation and use of Instrument Data Simulators (IDSs) to produce updated Level 0 test data, if required;
  • Maintenance of the test data sets and the auxiliary data to be used for development, verification and validation of the operational processors;
  • Cross verification and acceptance of operational Product Generation processors;
  • Updates of the operational product processing chains towards implementation of new products or to improve the quality of existing products;
  • Implementation of the operational product processing software for Level 1 and Level 2 and processing chain end to end tests;
  • Inter-comparison of results from operational product processing software with those from IHPs;
  • Maintenance and use of datasets and instrument characterisation information;
  • Contribute to the preparation and conduct of SAG meetings and follow-up of actions;
  • Contribute to the scientific interaction with the SAFs;
  • Follow-up the implementation of the Day 2 products and support their delta-validation;
  • Contributing to the generation of performance budgets, if requested;
  • Reviewing results from external studies, if requested;
  • Contribute the preparation and participation to System meetings and activities of instrument functional chain teams (IFCT). The IFCT addresses the instrument chains in an interdisciplinary end-to-end fashion;
  • Participating in ground segment and/or instrument reviews, progress and technical meetings;
  • Extracting relevant information from the relevant EPS and EPS-SG processing chains to perform regular production and quality monitoring reports;
  • Elaborating, tracking and publishing service level quality indicators;
  • Reporting anomalies in product services, contributing to their diagnosis and tracking their resolution;
  • Updating design and other relevant documentation as needed (e.g. product processing facilities).

Skills & Experience

You will have the following qualifications and relevant experience:

  • University degree in physical remote sensing, meteorology, oceanography, physics, IT/Computational Science, or equivalent;
  • At least three years of experience in the field of physical remote sensing in one or more of the areas listed above, including involvement in processing of satellite data up to level 1 (calibrated / geolocated radiances) and/or level 2 (geophysical parameters), satellite data monitoring;
  • Good written communication skills. These are essential for the fulfilment of the tasks;
  • Skills in writing scientific/technical documents;
  • Very good skills in a high-level programming language, such as Fortran, C/C++, Java, Python;
  • Fluency in command-line use on Linux/Unix platforms;
  • Very good experience in scientific software development;
  • Experience with the development of modular, clearly readable and adaptable scientific software is required, including the configuration control of the developed codes;
  • Verification of operational product processing systems;
  • Configuration control of software and data;
  • Production monitoring and reporting;
  • Quality control of satellite data and products;
  • Fluency in English is mandatory; knowledge of another European language is an advantage.

The following experience would be advantageous:

  • Experience with the specification, development and validation of satellite data processing chains;
  • Utilization of products from meteorological satellites;
  • Experience with calibration and product validation methods;
  • Experience with common UNIX/Linux development tools (e.g., make, automake/autoconf, debugging tools for multi-threaded applications, profiling tools);
  • Experience with source code management processes (in particular branch based development workflows, and peer code reviews) and tools (git, subversion);
  • Experience in software unit, acceptance, system and integration testing;
  • Familiarity with programming platform tools like Matlab;
  • Knowledge in radiative transfer;
  • Experience in the use of image processing software such as IDL or ENVI in a UNIX/Linux environment;
  • Experience in the use of Scripting Languages (e.g. Perl, Python, shell);
  • Experience in scientific computing using NumPy and SciPy;
  • Familiarity in manipulating analysis and forecast data from NWP models;
  • Experience in understanding and specifying requirements;
  • Experience in writing software documentation.

This job is located in Darmstadt. We welcome applicants who are available from July 2021 (or as soon as possible thereafter).

If you think you have what it takes for this job, please send us your CV together with a letter of motivation (both in English and in Word) to Ms Viktoria Panicharova, clicking on the button “Apply for this job”, quoting job DE-HP-4500 before 07-May-21.

An exciting and dynamic international working environment awaits you!

Please note: Due to work permit requirements for this position, please apply only if you are citizen of a European Union state or if you are eligible to obtain a work permit for Germany.

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Viktoria Panicharova
Viktoria Panicharova
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