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Documentation Service Controller

  • Reference NL-HP-4965
  • Location Noordwijk, The Netherlands
  • Closing date 28 February 2023

HE Space is a successful international space company. For 40 years, we have been supporting our customers with qualified experts in the field of engineering, science and administration.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

As part of the Human and Robotic Exploration Directorate, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Administration of the electronic documentation system(s) (e.g., ECLIPSE, DCCM):
    • Organisation of the documentation through folder trees
    • Implementation of user access and privileges rights
    • Maintenance of system parameter files.
  • Documentation processing and control:
    • Perform the in-processing of documentation including the:
      • Transfer of files from data sources such as SFTP or shared drives to work-areas;
      • Checking of files against the HRE CADM and subordinate requirement lists;
      • Checking physical media and extraction of data and files;
      • Recording problem documents and interfacing originator for resolution;
      • Identification of documents checked and ready for upload to the repositories;
      • Identification of special data files, such as ITAR AER, and application of special procedures;
      • Maintain document delivery logs.
  • Perform the filing of documentation including the:
    • Registration of the documents to the documentation management system ((e.g., ECLIPSE, DCCM);
    • Setting-up a unique reference document complying with the traceability of the project / activity and following the ESA record management processes;
    • Data organization and metadata identification (fields required);
    • Identification or creation of target areas for final repository of files, including folders and logical groups (collections, libraries etc.);
    • Preparation of upload sheets to repositories, i.e., Eclipse/DCCM;
    • Preparation of transfer of selected files to shared drives, SharePoint application and alike;
    • Modification of document metadata as corrective measure if required;
    • Modification of contractor input sheets, e.g., wrong text or XML delivered file records;
    • Insertion of all required metadata to the target repositories;
    • Review and update of metadata already existing in the repositories, e.g., after check process of documents already uploaded;
    • Transmission of delivery countersignatures;
    • Delivery, processing controlling, registering, distributing documents to the project team and authorized parties.
  • Perform building collection comprising:
    • Generations of Delivery Notices as directed;
    • Building collections;
    • Selecting and linking documents in preparation and execution of deliveries;
    • Maintain document delivery logs.
  • Perform archiving comprising:
    • File upload to, update of or deletion from the target repositories;
    • General health and consistency check of repositories in the documentation management system if required;
    • Transfer of selected files to shared drives, SharePoint application and alike;
    • Transfer of media (CD/DVD/USB/HDD) to dedicated physical storage areas,
  • Support the definition and the implementation of the documentation management processes mainly for D/HRE E3P projects and workplan activities;
  • Support to the update of the D/HRE Project Documentation Management Plan (RD-20-01) describing the documentation related processes and procedures to be implemented;
  • Provision of proactivity in elaboration of the processes from a technical feasibility viewpoint, based on previous extensive experience in the implementation of documentation management;
  • Supporting the HRE management and projects in the definition of the documentation control requirements;
  • Review Administration:
    • Perform the logistic support to technical and programmatic review organisation;
    • Support the definition of review logistics for reviews with the nominated project representatives, (e.g., project control, configuration management);
    • Administration of the electronic Review Item Discrepancy tracking system (eRID), including management of the access rights and maintenance of the system parameter files, all consistent with the security classification or export control restrictions on documents;
    • Liaise with industrial and partners for the reception and control of industrial data packages;
    • Verification of data pack completeness, registrations, and timely distribution to the project team and review organisation;
    • Timely escalation of issues relating to data pack deliveries and eRID access with the nominated project (Directorate) representatives and implementation of agreed mitigation approaches.

Skills & Experience

You will have the following qualifications and relevant experience:

  • Bachelor’s is required, Business or IT related;
  • Minimum relevant experience: 2 years;
  • A sound and proven experience in documentation management processes and tools;
  • A sound and proven experience in working in a documentation management or library service;
  • A sound and proven experience in providing a customer-oriented service;
  • A demonstrated customer and service-oriented personality;
  • Knowledge of supporting a project-oriented environment is an asset;
  • Fluency in English is mandatory; knowledge of another European language is an advantage.

This job is located in Noordwijk.

If you think you have what it takes for this job, please send your CV (in English and in Word or PDF) to Leandros Foteinias, by clicking on the button “Apply for this job” quoting job NL-HP-4965.

An exciting and dynamic international working environment awaits you!

Documentation Service Controller


HE Space recruiting for ESA

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Leandros Foteinias
Leandros Foteinias
  • Recruitment Manager
  • + 31 71 341 7513

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