New Managing Director at HE Space Operations GmbH

Robert (Bob) Rouse has been appointed as Managing Director of HE Space Operations GmbH. Bob joined HE Space as Business Development Manager in May 2009 and has been instrumental in growing the business in southern Germany as well as supporting group wide business development and strategy.

New Managing Director at HE Space Operations GmbH

Bob brings extensive experience with over 30 years in the space business including 15 years as Managing Director of space companies in Germany. He ensures that HE Space continues to provide high quality services to the existing clients as well as moving the business forward into managed services and projects. “I am really looking forward to my new role, and know that I can rely on the full support of a great team to enable HE Space to achieve our goals. The space business is always striving towards new achievements – this is what we as a company also reflect”, states Bob.    

The company is moving forward with a fresh culture of innovation

HE Space Operations is currently working on a sound future strategy. The corporate philosophy remains. The management team as well as the founder and owner Scott Millican, who trained astronauts for the procedures of Apollo Missions 11 to 17 to the Moon, care about the employees’ wellbeing. For the more than 200 employees working for HE Space in Europe the path leads in one direction: forward.


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