The mission to dock HE Space to CS Group has launched

After 40 years, Scott Millican, founder and shareholder of HE Space, has decided to retire.

The mission to dock HE Space to CS Group has launched

In 1982, Scott Millican founded HE Space. Since then, the company has expanded and grown to the market leader it is today. From the very start, Scott placed employee care and support at the heart of the business.

After 40 years, Scott has decided to retire. It was important for him to make sure the prospective buyer is a company which shares HE Space’s core values. The transaction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2023.

Scott Millican commented: “I am happy and proud to announce that we have launched the mission to dock HE SPACE to CS GROUP.  In the forty years since HE SPACE was founded, we have had the privilege to significantly contribute to the space community in Europe, the world and its orbit. As the planet enters increasingly critical conditions, a long-term commitment to the space industry is absolutely necessary to serve the protection of the planet and all its inhabitants. I have no doubt that HE SPACE will find this commitment in its new owner, and I am grateful both for the confidence that CS GROUP has in the further potential of the business, and for the dedication of so many people at HE SPACE and across the space community that has brought HE SPACE to where it is today.”

CS Group is a French multinational with a strong presence in the space industry. Its employee-focused values align closely with those of HE Space and it has a vision to build the international business with HE Space at its core.

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