ESTEC rebid 100% successful!

We can now offer job openings at ESA locations in many more areas! That has been the result of HE Space’s successful offer to ESA’s competitive tender.So, if you are looking for a job in space, make sure you keep an eye on our vacancies.

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Every 5 years ESTEC is obliged to retender its manpower-related support. This tender action also takes in other ESA establishments such as ESAC, ECSAT, EAC and several smaller locations. It is a huge effort for ESA and for the contractor companies but it is necessary to ensure competition and it is an opportunity for the best suppliers to expand the services they deliver to ESA.

Five years ago we at HE Space did extremely well, now we did even better. In 2012 we doubled our access to so-called ‘domains’ (skill-specific areas such as PA Engineering, Earth Observation, etc). This time we bid on 29 domains and were awarded …….. all 29! This is more than any other bidder received. The new areas for us include Structures, Thermal Engineering, Environmental Testing and several more. We are extremely excited by the challenges and opportunities that these new business areas will offer.

You are also always welcome to send us an open application

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