Events & Network

HE Space is deeply embedded in the European space community, founding, fostering and sponsoring activities on all levels and integrated with all the major space players.

Our willingness to share our experience and our support for new initiatives has led to an extensive network in the space community. Events of all shapes and forms offer a platform to share ideas and network with experts from the space sector.

We make a point of being actively involved and approachable.


SpaceUp is an 'unconference' bringing together young and seasoned professionals sharing their interest in space. When the first SpaceUp was organised in 2012 we were present and since then have supported SpaceUp’s on a regular basis all over Europe. HE Space supported SpaceUps have been held in Poland, UK, France, Netherlands, Germany and Italy.
It is amazing what comes out of SpaceUp, businesses started, problems are being solved, projects are kicked off, plans are hatched, and amazing friendships are born.

Events & Network

Cooperation with ESA BIC's

ESA Business Innovation Centres (BIC’s) are centres with a mission to boost innovative business concepts using space technology, applications and services in a non-space environment. To facilitate the use of space technology, ESA BIC's organise regular events to share knowledge and to network. In the Netherlands, HE Space is a community member & competition partner. Working closely together with ESA BIC (Noordwijk), HE Space organised special networking events for women working in the space sector on subjects such as female entrepreneurship. In Germany, HE Space is cooperating with the ESA BICs in Munich and Darmstadt. 

More information about ESA BIC


Events & Network


The first TEDxESA event took place on 11 November 2015 at ESTEC, in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. TEDxESA will be a long-term communication platform, aiming to continuously reach out across Europe. Future events are planned to be held in other ESA establishments in the years to come. The theme of the first official TEDxESA 2015 event was Science Beyond Fiction. The event was organised with the direct support of HE Space.

Scott Millican showing the original Lunar Lander checklist Scott Millican showing the original Lunar Lander checklist

Scott Millican, the owner and founder of HE Space was a speaker at TEDxESA. He was comparing notes with ESA Astronaut André Kuipers in a conversation that spanned 50 years of human spaceflight.

Act in Space

In 2016 and 2018 HE Space participated in the Dutch edition of #Actinspace, an international hackathon which was held simultaneously in 30 European cities. During the Hackathon, participants were finding answers to tomorrow's needs by inventing new uses and services derived from space technology. Keith Muirhead, COO of HE Space sat on the expert jury.

Keith giving feedback to the teams Keith giving feedback to the teams

NASA Space Apps Challenge 

Since 2017 HE Space supports the NASA Space App Challenge each year. HE Space supported this international hackathon and participated in the jury to select the best project and the runner up. For an impression wacht this video.

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