HE Space 4.0

​HE Space has been active in the promotion and development of 'Space 4.0' for many years.

ESA Director General, Jan Wörner explains: "Space 4.0 marks a new era in which space is an enabler. It enables knowledge, jobs and growth, decision and policy-making, inspiring and motivating the next generations."

At HE Space we organise events to inspire and motivate the next generation's interest in science and technology. We organise initiatives for different target groups from primary school pupils to university students where they can learn about space and test their skills.

Our network has grown over our 35 years activity in the space sector. We create and support opportunities to network and exchange ideas. We also open up our network. We see start-ups as a way of providing new opportunities to apply space technology and space data for life on Earth. In supporting start-ups we also stimulate the creation of job opportunities.

HE Space 4.0

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