The HE Space offices are deliberately sited close to our main customer locations. The majority of our employees work side-by-side with our customers on the customer premises.

Our Dutch office, on the Noordwijk Space Business Park, contracts to ESTEC, to the EAC in Germany, to ESAC in Spain, to ECSAT in the UK and to ESA/HQ in France.

Our German company, headquartered in Bremen, primarily supports the space industry. It contracts to Airbus Defence & Space, ArianeGroup, OHB Systems, DLR GfR, Thales Alenia, STI Space Tech and Mynaric.

The HE Space Darmstadt office contracts to ESOC and to EUMETSAT.

All US-based activities, particularly ESA-NASA collaborative programmes, are handled by HE Space Operations Inc. based in Houston.


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