Natalia Grajek

Natalia Grajek

I believe that people need challenges in their life and this is why I've decided to join HE Space!
Working as a Recruiter helps me develop my interpersonal skills but also knowledge about different industries and roles.
Besides recruitment I like to be involve in employer branding and events production and I'm always happy to learn something new at work.

I've got master degree in Psychology and experience in technical recruitment. 

Natalia Grajek
Natalia Grajek

In February 2019 we visited EUMETSAT. During these two days we’ve learnt more about the satellites than ever before. The biggest highlight of the visit was a private tour at EUMETSAT with our colleague Andrea Cini who told us a lot of interesting facts about the satellites. 

In March 2019 I had the chance to particpate in two very different events. Revolutionary Aerospace Women's event at the TU Delft to reach out to students and give them advice on how to land a job in the space sector.

And NL Doet, a social initiative in the Netherlands, which gathers volunteers to support schools, elderly homes and many other institutions. Giving back to society is something that is not only theory but is put into practice at HE Space.

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