Our Values

Business integrity and sound values are key drivers to the success of HE Space.

Integrity and honesty: With openness and frankness, HE Space is truthful, daring to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Quality: Quality is the driving force in creating and sustaining our attitude and way of doing business. This is reflected in our lifestyle, the way we communicate with our customers and each other and the standard we apply to our services and products. It is that quantity used to measure us against our competitors and a means to differentiate ourselves. We are committed to achieving the standards of ISO 9001 and to continuous improvement of the quality management system and service.

Care for the employee: The honour, respect, care and well-being of each employee, including personal and professional development, is our most important priority. Each employee’s family is considered an extension of the individual and of our company.

Proactive: We endeavour to anticipate our customers’ needs and to initiate necessary action to exceed them.

Excellence: HE Space performs superior work delivering more than what is expected by our clients.

Social Responsibility: Through the HE Space Children’s Foundation we provide support to underprivileged children for health, education and welfare.

With these driving values HE Space has become one of the principal engineering services suppliers to the European space community.

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